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  • Food, ambience, and staff were perfect! Amazing place! - Abigail
  • Flavorful, rich, and intoxicating! Thank you! - Mary P.
  • Fabulous presentation! The service was excellent, and of course, the food exceptional! - Toni Denis
  • Excellent service and great food! Best we’ve had in AZ! - Amy & Tony
  • WONDERFUL! An unexpected gem. - The Pattersons – Las Vegas
  • Great atmosphere! Loved this place, and will be coming back. It really couldn’t have been a better experience! - Shirley Avery
  • Only Passing through. I was made to feel at home. We enjoy good food and friends, and here we have found both! Thank you - Jeffrey Alan
  • Phenomenal experience, 1st rate exceptional service and incredible food! Our favorite restaurant in Flagstaff! - Brian & Fely Parker
  • Best dinner we have had in AZ! SUPERB! - The Delays
  • FIVE STAR RESTAURANT! - Peter A. Delgado
  • Outstanding preparation and presentation! This was the third time we’ve eaten at Josephine’s this week! - Thank you! – Tom & Kathy E.
  • Everything was excellent! The atmosphere is beautiful! - Sarah Aldridge
  • Best restaurant in Flag! Food was incredible, and the service was PERFECT! - Allison Golf
  • The food was excellent, the wine superb, and the waiter fantastic! - Pattie & Tom – Wisconsin
  • What a comfortable place! The service, ambiance, food, and music are outstanding. Our compliments to a well planned, detailed establishment. - Eleanor C.